Voting Rights for Ex-Offenders

Together, we passed Amendment 4. Now, it’s on all of us to register to vote and support others who are seeking to use that right, too. That’s why People Over Profits has resources and aid for ex-offenders who want to register to vote.

Voter Registration Guide for Ex-Offenders

This guide answers most questions ex-offenders have about navigating the voter registration process using the new laws implementing Amendment 4.

Voter Registration Legal Aid

Do you need support registering to vote, or have a question for lawyer abut what the right way to register is? Talk to one of our experts and get an answer right away.

Our shareable infographic shows how to navigate the new laws regulating voter registration for ex-offenders. Click here to view and share the full infographic.

Voter Registration Legal Aid
If you need support registering to vote, our volunteer lawyers are ready to give you a hand. These attorneys provide free advice to ex-offenders who would like to exercise their right to register to vote.

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