Trump’s Medicare Payment Cuts Threaten Our Access to Healthcare

COVID-19 continues to unfold across America. It’s more important than ever that Americans have access to healthcare when they need it. But even as the COVID-19 death toll continues to rise, the Trump administration is proposing a cut to Medicare payments that would threaten our healthcare safety net during a global pandemic. 

A new rule within the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services alters reimbursement for doctors who treat Medicare patients. The rule will result in a significant pay cut to healthcare providers when we need them most. 

Unless Congress takes immediate action, our healthcare safety net is at risk.  America’s healthcare system is already stretched thin by COVID-19. Trump’s Medicare payment cuts would make the problem even worse. Medical practices and clinics could be forced to shut down. 

Tell Congress to stop the Trump administration’s Medicare payment cuts and protect our access to care.